Twinge of Tang

And I wanted to put words
on the tip of your tongue
and then ask you, “how do they taste?”
So that I could keep a tally
of which ones are bitter,
or which ones are sweet,
or salty, or sour, or flavored
with twinge of tang.
And I wanted to do this every day,
until your hair, at the temples,
turns salt and pepper,
until all of its completely gray,
as we eat together, little by little,
the words of an entire dictionary.

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9 thoughts on “Twinge of Tang

  1. fridayam says:

    This is sweet and lovely :)

  2. jimibodansko says:

    eating the words of an entire dictionary can be quite nutritional especially if expanding one’s vocabulary is the goal, but belching up letters may come about quite naturally if consumed without the proper sauce and beverage to coincide with the feast ….

    an absurd comment this must seem from a relatively complete stranger,
    but a comment none the less …..

    TWINGE OF TANG …. really awesome indeed :o)


  3. Mike says:

    Palatable poetry. Nice work.

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