Every Thought

If I had a bottle
for every thought
laid out, recorded,
rolled and tied –
inserted, corked,
and sent a sailing
went across
how many oceans
till arrived,
and once in hands
of its recipient;
uncorked, untied,
unrolled then read,
as though every
a sailing ship
I launched
without its Captain.

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12 thoughts on “Every Thought

  1. We. See Hope says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Nicely written, enjoyed the read.

  2. sumitverma says:

    it just reminisced me an evening when i wrote a letter to a girl i loved(not she), and travelled 1000miles just to drop that pp bottle containing letter and imagining that she will find it someday when she’s on any beach.
    Tides being the captain of my ship of feelings.
    i think, there is still hope for that :)
    stilllight right.

  3. fridayam says:

    I loved the thought, but felt lines 7-11 were not needed and broke the rhythm x

    • stillight says:

      I really had issue with lines 10-11. Rewrote several times and am still not quite satisfied with it, but perhaps the right words will eventually come to me. Thanks!

  4. Albatross-x says:

    Oh Wow wow wow–I’m hooked.

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