Old Clothes

“How lovely,” they said,
that death was as easy
as slipping out of a dress,
or a pair of old trousers;
one leg and then the other.
And if only it could be so easy;
discarding the body.
As simple as stepping
from a pile of old clothes left
in a heap on the floor.

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7 thoughts on “Old Clothes

  1. fridayam says:

    Oh this is wonderful! A really fine poem, and one to make the mind work mulling the images. If I had one criticism it is the word “that” at the beginning of the second line: I wondered if “as if” would be better or “I wish”, or—God, I can think of a thousand variants on that tricky word ;) Seriously fine stuff x

  2. Albatross-x says:

    Excellent–and for some it truly is that simple, relaxed.

  3. Nicholas Gagnier says:

    Hey! You have been nominated by WordPress user Hemmingplay to be featured on Retkon Poet Anniversary Week! (http://wp.me/p2mtwX-1SY). Fourteen poets will be featured from April 6-13. Please give consent or refuse before April 1 by replying to this comment.

    Have a wonderful day :)

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