Fatigue has settled in,
but do, yes,
“unzip me.”
Just enough
to begin with,
to slide your
hands in
to the back
of my dress.
Just enough, first,
to slide it down,
however slightly,
off the shoulders.

And yes,
my neck hurts,
“just a little.”
So tense,
but your hands
are skilled
and soft,
and pushing
my hair aside,
you are good
at kissing
to make
all things better.

And yes,
“if you would,”
undo the clasp
in the middle
of my back,
to loosen
the crisscross straps,
to trace
with your fingers,
how the moles
to make up
the constellations.

And yes,
“do tell me,”
how many galaxies
you’ve counted, thus far,
that have fallen out
of the Big Dipper,
and then,
once you’ve determined
“how many?”
– stop counting.

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