Once Before

But let me go on thinking,
where you have come
to all the places in my mind
to find rest, where you sit
upon the park bench
and engrossed in newsprint,
so nonchalantly “catch up!”
on the daily news,
only “good news,” I like to say,
or cross paths with you
while strolling down,
“oh, could be anywhere!”
Park Avenue,
just to recognize
your lovely face
and to stop and say something
out of the ordinary,
or something
funny “just because,”
to hear your laughter
and to be the one
who caused it
could be the simplest thing
to make my day,
to count all these little joys,
and to know
how it feels to have
always known you,
because it’s “hard to say,”
except for this feeling of familiarity,
I can’t seem to shake,
can’t make go away,
how much I’ve missed you.

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