A Metaphor in Artifacts

There are parts of me
I’ve saved and put away
in a keepsake box.
Perhaps pieces of myself;
in writing, photographs,
things I’ve never shared with
anybody; a song, or two,
with lyrics, and I keep saving,
and I’m not sure why,
but it feels like something
I should keep doing,
until the box is too full
to hold anymore, and then
I’ll bury it one day, towards the
end of my life, and where?
I haven’t yet decided.
All those pieces, of those
who knew me never knew,
in thought that someone
in the future might find it.

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4 thoughts on “A Metaphor in Artifacts

  1. jimibodansko says:

    when you create art,
    a trail of bread crumbs is left behind
    after you leave

    this may help someone who is lost,
    find their way out of the woods.

  2. Steve Murphy says:

    Love this one Jennifer – I’ve copied and saved it for future publication in my magazine if that’s OK with you ?

    Hope you are well


    Sent from my iPad


    • stillight says:

      I would be honored, Steve. I’ve been wanting to submit something to you, so I’m glad you found this one you liked! :) let me know if you need any additional info. Thanks!

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