A Lovely Thought to Think

They say on my Facebook page to
“pick up the closest book to you,
turn to page 206,
read the first sentence,
and that explains your love life.”

So according to The Life Changing
Magic of Tidying Up
mine begins on the last page with
“feel at the “click” of fate,
when something finds where it is
meant to be;”

But my Facebook friends tell me
I am too picky and probably
will never marry (again). And true,
that may be. But still, I like this idea
of fate and maybe finally being
simply in the right place – is
a lovely thought to think.

Where the rest of the sentence reads
the ending: “and, best of all, the fresh,
pure air, that fills a room after it has
been put in order – these are the things
that make an ordinary day, with no
special event, that much brighter.”

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