It’d be great,
“why, yes,”
if he
were available,
but as far
as I know,
“he’s not,”
and so
life keeps on
like a
ticking clock,
and my
mouth’s still tied
with nots.

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6 thoughts on “Nots

  1. fridayam says:

    I love the wordplay here x

    • stillight says:

      Thanks, Fridayam. Struggling a lot with my writing voice lately (it happens), so I haven’t been too happy with anything I’ve written in the past month, but plowing through it, I will prevail! Thanks for reading though. :)

      • fridayam says:

        It happens. You publish what you are not happy with, but I sit on it and hope that I will find a way to make it better, so I have a lot of unfinished poems which sometimes get cannibalised ;)

      • stillight says:

        True… most of my poems get thrown onto WordPress for better or worse but, it makes for a great place to store everything. “) But hope most of yours get saved from the cannibals! Keep those poems, even the unfinished ones. I guess I just like to keep everything, maybe because it feels like a record of some sort.

      • fridayam says:

        Oh, they are all kept, all the spare parts and loose ends and some of them even get used again ;) I was just re-reading my current notebook seeking inspiration! I was just reading your latest and you write on your screen? I write longhand and fine-tune on a screen where I can see line-length better x

      • stillight says:

        Hey… I wish I wrote more with pen and paper but that rarely happens unless inspiration strikes and I’m without my macbook. Then it’s usually on the backs of receipts or something – haha! I guess WordPress is my notebook. “)

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