Give In

It will only take a moment,
“of your time, right?”
Age; is only a number.
Gain; simply, Time advancing.
Intrinsic, you; a dream.
Let me say it: salt, tequila,
lime! Lips pucker, on the
sour of life. You: a hiccup, a mimic!
A Love, I love to look at, Lover.
You; the wild card I drew and
would draw again.
Ace of spades, duece!
And I’m playin’ to win!!
Feelin’ it! All the time, in your
presence. Feelin’ it, and this
is why we live, isn’t it?!? Full,
of receptors, and pickin’ up on
what I want more of; this.
Good energy, it lives!
And so don’t, “why knock it?”
Baby… give in.

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