Oysters Raw

But getting back to how
people swallow oysters raw.
I have not had the pleasure
in partaking when they tell me
how they taste like sea water.
“You mean the ocean?”
But I have tasted the ocean.
How it holds up in my eyes
and most days calm, like
the waters off of St. Martin,
until a strong wind comes in
and blows the coconut trees over
so that they drown themselves in
wave after wave. Sea water?
It tastes like emotion, until
it stops, and in the eye of the storm
the clouds clear to brilliant sunlight,
and the coconut trees,
now momentarily free from
the weight that once bound them,
once again, pull themselves upright.

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6 thoughts on “Oysters Raw

  1. HemmingPlay says:

    Reblogged this on HemmingPlay and commented:
    Some days it’s nice to be reminded that we’re made of sea water… and star dust. Because it gets hard to remember where our sources are. Thanks for this reminder.

  2. fridayam says:

    There is so much loveliness here, amidst your usual untidiness (tsk, tsk ;)) and you must try raw oysters! They are delicious :) x

    • stillight says:

      Hey Fridayam… glad you enjoyed it even amongst the untidiness of my mind, which I always fail to see – haha! But good thing my exterior life is much tidier than the interior. ;) And I don’t think I could ever stomach oysters raw – maybe cooked – idk.

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