These Moments

These moments –
like dying embers,
pitch, spark and jump
from a once
blazing fire,
but now these cooling
embers, in hopes
to land, ignite,
and burn, the whole
god damn fucking house down;
the carpet, the hardwoods,
everything you said
you’d be to her and
everything she isn’t,
and how you wish it were,
but it isn’t different,
it’s always the same,
as the curtains peel
back from the windows
and fall into a burning heap
upon the floor,
and the neighbors finally see
all those veneered smiles
you’ve been wearing,
and for how long?
that you almost forgot –
how smooth enamel really feels
against the tongue.

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4 thoughts on “These Moments

  1. Carl says:

    The visions are powerful this one! I found myself looking out the window at the neighbors house.

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