I find my eyes
burn from
the weight of
“how many tears?”
And I know,
I should
“be stronger.”
To find
“courage, dear one,”
in the face of
all this uncertainty,
because how
can any of us
know our fate
with bones
That were never
meant to stand
all this infinity.
Not in this body.
But time,
“it keeps,”
wrapping itself
around me,
tighter everyday
like a snake,
that I couldn’t
loosen its grip,
even if I wanted,
with the taste
of saltwater
on my lips,
but they say
the sea will
heal me.
And so my
eyes continue
to leak
an ocean
that’s been
bottled up
inside me,
that they’d catch
all our tears,
if they could,
and sell them
as healing elixir.

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