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One Day

Time moves,
as though a river
which carries us
to the deep,
where we will all
one day
find ourselves,
at the end
of time’s rope,
and there – let go!

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Could it Be?

We’re reinventing,
taking risks,
leaps, we’re not
use to taking,
and falling is
the first option,
but we mustn’t
fear the impact,
or the distance
it will take
to reach
the bottom,
just to scale
the heights again
to see what we
first saw –
on the horizon.

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Some Other Life

Perhaps he is nothing more
than a dream
passing in the night,
but why does he re-visit me
as though a ghost
and I, his favorite haunt?
And how I wake
as though every dream
were a memory made
together in some other life.

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