In Vino Veritas

I shouldn’t write
when I’m drunk
on too much wine
and red,
to kill
how many feelings,
how many
emotions have
I been burying,
have I had?
(because of you),
when vitriol is
on the rise,
is at the surface,
when I have
just recently read
what you’ve
been writing
and wonder, what
excuse you might
stand before me
and give? for all
this pathetic take
on Capitalism,
no one will remember,
and no one wants
to hear, honey,
if only you weren’t
so afraid to live
a truth worth sharing.
Yeah, so,
“to in vino veritas, dear!”
and so I’ll say it,
at least just once,
before no one
else does,
“you could do
so much better
with that pen.”

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3 thoughts on “In Vino Veritas

  1. Bill says:

    Love the power and command of this work. Really well done!

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