Daily Archives: June 6, 2018

Without Question

I undo you,
like a lace,
and as hard as
it is for you
to fathom,
and as hard
as it is
for you
to imagine,
how it is
to be loved
and without question;
I love you.

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Dance of the Fishes

Give me all the words
I ever needed,
standing in front
of an aquarium
and watching
how the jellyfish
seem to defy gravity,
like buoyed
ballet dancers
confined to a tank
full of water, but
how they all somehow
bring the ocean
with them.
And I stand there
mesmerized, and wonder,
how is it? they make it
look so easy, when
they’ve been preparing
their whole lives for this;
dance of the fishes,
and then, in comes
the roses,
thrown in adoration;
one upon the other;
for such extraordinary
wonder –  is to live!

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