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Me Neither

He says something that resonates,
and I think, how true of everything,
where feet dare to tiptoe or abound
with no thought for consequence,
should be every Wordsmith’s motto
inscribed above the door frame,
‘unless the words lead me there, then
I don’t want to go.’ 

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Soldier of Experience

The hours,
they fall upon us
like heavy cloaks
as we pass
each other,
as we are forced
to march
and walk
through Time;
Oppressive Master,
always counting
to the meter,
to the rhyme,
“faster, faster!”
he yells,
in sounds of
constant ticking.
So incessant,
how many of us
forget and fail
to hear, these
cloaks we wear,
and how soon
Time will take
them back
and demand that
what was borrowed
for a season
be passed on
and given
to another
Soldier of Experience.

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