Escaping Your Escapism

For me, running was so easy,
making a decision,
realizing, this wasn’t
where I wanted to be,
needed to be,
and so, don’t pack the memories,
take nothing, leave nothing,
and when you shut the door
behind you and take that
first step from the house,
don’t ever look back, and
remember only – to drop the key.

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3 thoughts on “Escaping Your Escapism

  1. fridayam says:

    You know I will always be on your back about tenses, but why the dash in the last sentence? ;)

    • stillight says:

      Idk… maybe because that’s where the words hurt the most. Honestly, though, I use WordPress like a vault, like reading someone’s quickly scribbled notes in a notebook. But sometimes I go back and edit them – but later. Still, thanks for reading the scribbles! “)

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