Remember the dead.
they can’t hear you,
can’t listen,
can’t comprehend
anymore what it’s like
for the living, have lost
all sense of taste, of
sight, of hearing, have
lost the ability to feel,
and have completely
forgotten the flight
of emotion, of laughter,
of love, of tears, where
the heart, now dormant,
lies quiet as a house
where no one lives.
So remember the dead,
before your own eviction
and you too
are forced to move.
Remember to live.

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5 thoughts on “Live

  1. WB says:

    Very good. We return from that, which we’re from. Nice. The dead, so easily forgotten.

  2. fridayam says:

    This is good. I question whether you need the two lines after the stunning word “eviction”? x

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