Hello… and if you’ve happened across my work, then “welcome!”  It’s always nice to have a visitor and if it were possible I’d have you take a seat in the living room and “put your feet up!” while I get us some tea. But life is work and so I feel the pieces I post here are just glimpses of my life written out in words. Writing for me, I think, is at the very core of my being and so when the words do come, I find I am rather slave to their dictation.  For now – enjoy!

19 thoughts on “About

  1. museampoule says:

    Jen, sorry for the cold call but I have some WC news. The talented folks at WC are tired of seeing good folks driven away or leaving because of the lack of talent that has infiltrated the site. We’re wondering if you’d join us in a WC throwdown in 2 weeks? Find me on WC if interested! ;)

  2. Robin Amaral says:

    Love your latest poetry !

    • stillight says:

      Robin, hey!!! So great to see you on here and a blog too! Great to reconnect and will definitely be following! So, how are things? Is your anthology out yet?

  3. I Like your intro…… you, dear, are a poet. A passion erupting, a flame scorching the soul, an intense desire to spill out the inside words, or a moving existence “at the very core” of one’s self is the definition of a true poet in my opinion. Poetry is indeed a passion. And your writings are passionate, at least the two I’ve read were pleasing to my soul. Thank you for sharing yourself with us…….. John

    • stillight says:

      Thanks, John, and thanks for stopping by and for all your kind comments. Glad you enjoyed. And yeah, when it comes to writing, I don’t think I could stop myself even if I tried.

  4. I just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award :)

  5. rickcag says:

    It appears as someone has beat me to it, but I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award:

  6. I love your work, and since I cannot seem to comment on your individual works, I felt obligated to say it here. Your work is magnificent

    • stillight says:

      Thank you so much and thanks for leaving a comment – I am really honored. But since the new year I am trying something different and decided to disable comments on all my work but left them open here just for this very reason. I would rather people just read my work for what it is and hopefully enjoy it and if they pop by here and say “hi!” then even better… I get to know who’s reading”) But so glad you stopped by, it’s nice to meet you!!!

  7. fivereflections says:


    David in Maine USA

  8. Hi Stillight, Thank you for visiting my blog and clicking the like. I’ve just read several of your poems are so poetic. No wonder if you got a tittle as a wordsmith, a person who can create fine words into arts.

    • stillight says:

      thank you… i don’t know if i would consider myself a ‘wordsmith’ so to speak… but a lover of words… yes! but thank you stopping by and saying hello… nice to meet you!! “)

  9. wordypenguin says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say that I nominated for you an award :) You can find the information here: http://wordypenguin.wordpress.com/awards/ I hope that you accept. Congrats :)

  10. So happy I stumbled across your blog! Loving your writing and looking forward to reading more! :-)

  11. haylimayli says:

    I’ve quite enjoyed poking through your works this evening! In fact, I did it with a hot cup of vanilla chai.

  12. N Filbert says:

    Really appreciate your thoughtful, deeply felt, tightly made verses. Thanks for making them and sharing them with us

    • stillight says:

      thanks, N Filbert!! I appreciate you reading and have enjoyed reading your work also. And sorry I’m not one to leave comments much on works I like… I guess because when I like something I’m never really quite sure why I like it, except that I just do. “)

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