Oh, but to have his kisses
fall upon my face first,
would be as though a soft rain
falls upon the earth
who hasn’t seen rain in years.


To Take Pause

These days feel
as though the air
holds wait
and as though,
to take pause,
we have somehow
slipped time
into our pockets
to hold as though
a trinket or a
good luck charm.

And is this not how?

We’ll make
the seconds stop.

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I notice often how one eye
seems more expressive
than the other and
sometimes it feels like I’m
almost looking into the soul
of two different people,
each with two entirely different

views on the world.

And the one on the left
worries constantly and says,
what about this or that?”
But the one on the right
doesn’t have a care in the world
and says “pay no attention!”
and thinks only of Love.

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I want to use this word,
because it keeps popping up
over and over but
never in the right context,
and so I keep letting it
and I know I should just
keep quiet when my tongue’s
on this slippery slope
and takes it like a fast ride
I go, without stopping,
down, down, down the hill,
but it’s this exhilaration
that gets me every time
I manage to keep it upright
and I make it without falling.

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In The Mix

I’ll try not to drink
“too much vodka,”
but I know he’ll
“pour me another one,”
just to see how much
vodka and me, we don’t
get a long.

Better to mix me an
Old Fashioned,
and watch while I
eat the cherries
while you
“put on an old song,
won’t you?”

Something slow and
nostalgic, or
better yet, “romantic,”
is this crushing effect
you have on me,
in the mix
of vinyl, bourbon,
and a cherry tree I once loved.

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Ease of Feeling

And couldn’t it just be
this ease of things?
Such as a feeling
of comfort one gets
as I am reminded of
how a good friend
once told me that
“this is how it should be,”
and for how long
did I wonder, would
it ever really happen, and
if it did, would I ever really
understand what she
meant when she talked
about how easy it would
be; this ease of feeling,
so few are fortunate
enough to find without
even having to really try,
that finally, finally, “yes!”
I think, at this point
in my life, I can honestly
say – I understand.

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His words alone
can soften
chapped lips,
the teeth bite,
the fingers pick
and peel,
and he says
the mouth
tastes like citrus
from Florida,
freshly squeezed,
he says,
that he’d drink
and drink;
this sunshine we so
desperately need.

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I feel as though
I walk city sidewalks
as though they
were maps
beneath my feet;
North, South,
East, and West,
and I find myself
in all of them;
directions that
“take me at will,”
in whatever direction
the wind is blowing
today, when I find myself
somewhere else,
but suddenly missing
home the most;
that comfort one finds
in familiarity,
this home, now mine,
which calls to me,
is that place
I have found
which evokes peace.

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I can’t tell you
how much space
I’ve leased
(in the mind),
but somehow
he keeps
paying rent
and every month
by the fifth
the check
comes in,
that I can’t really
justify wanting
to let go of
this presence,
that keeps filling
up more and more
(in my head),
that I fully expect,
though I’ve
never raised rent,
that I’ll wake up
to find (one day),
that he’s completely
moved in, with name
on the deed;
this tenant,
I’d never evict.

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Cheese Pizza

Somewhere in West Chicago
watching from the window
of a coffee shop;
a slice of Americana,
like a slice of pizza,
passes by my view
from where I sit,
as if carried in a box
and on its way, and off it goes
paid for delivery,
wearing fully tailored suits
with highly polished shoes
or jeans with sneakers and
lots and lots of blue,
everywhere, blue;
blue dress shirts, or jackets
or polos embroidered
with Ralph Lauren,
or pumps that go
clickety click, click, click,
with skirts too short
for this October weather
in a city known for the wind.
Ah, how fascinating; this small
slice of Americana (no, just cheese),
when seen from a window
with my Starbucks espresso in hand.

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